“Remember that time....”
Teacher: Mrs Barnett
(Mount Primary)
Use your memories of a special occasion to write a reflective poem.
Publish your poem over a photo and record your voice using keynote.


Wordle created by the CREW - By Daisy

This was the inspiration for this form of poetry: By Marci Ridlon


We used Keynote 09 (Mac/Apple) programme to create and record our poems - uploading these to an online environment became a challenge!
We tried several options, we decided to create a BLOG because if we wanted to add them to a WIKI we would have to 'host' them online somewhere else (eg You Tube) and we wanted to avoid this. We converted our Keynotes to a Quicktime Movie and then began to upload them onto our BLOG - which seemed easy.....we waited......and waited......and waited!
Alas this was not meant to be. When one finally uploaded the quality was poor and it didn't do our work justice. We tried a Plan B....and C.......below is what we decided to do - Plan D. We have uploaded a screenshot of our actual poem and then the sound that went with it seperately (Mrs J played each Poem and used her Easispeak Microphone to 'rerecord' our voices). This is not ideal but it means that we can share them with the world and celebrate our learning.
On reflection we realise that the process of learning and using Keynote was where the powerful learning took place.
We would probably do things differently if we were producing a poem just for the internet. But now we all have the skills to transfer back into our classes and we could use the same process for lots of different areas of learning and any age learners could do it.

TIP: Click on the 'player' below each poem to hear us reading it.






Jayden experienced 'technical difficulities' on the day so will be rerecording at school so watch this space!






Here is a copy of the planning that Mrs B used, it became our "Learning Framework"

Here is a copy of the scaffold the poets used to support their own planning